Lexus Cluster Repair

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We specialize in Toyota and Lexus gauge cluster repairs and customization. Lexus started in 1990 with the LS400, not counting the ES250 prior to that.  With cutting edge technology pushing the limits the issues began with the 1990 model year.  Typically these clusters lasted at least 20 years before issues started to pop up.

In 2003 all things changed when everything went more computerized and cost cutting. The stepper motors used in all 2003+ Lexus GX470 were more prone to failure. Luckily we were able to source and stock brand new motors here.

The Lexus LX470 from 2003-2007 is one of our most popular Lexus repairs. We would consider this to be the most complicated repair process out of any make or manufacturer that we service. Gauge failure and lighting issues, or yellow spots, near the base of the MPH reading are the two issues with this gauge cluster.

Replacement LX470 clusters are no longer available from the dealer and supply is extremely limited. We are the only vendor that continuously purchases, refurbishes, and re-sells these clusters. We buy every one that we can find.

We do carry brand new LX470 lenses. Replace your scuffed, cracked, or broken lens with a brand new one here.

Unfortunately in 2020 the supply chain became tight and even today there are extreme shortages with chips and electronic parts.

Wait times on new replacement clusters can be 6-12 months or more. We have great relationships with our vendors and can typically repair your cluster before going straight to replacement. If you do need to replace it we can usually find something a bit quicker than 6-12 months.

We can also perform odometer correction on all Lexus gauge clusters. If you happen to purchase your own used cluster then simply send it to us for odometer correction to match your vehicle mileage.

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