Climate Control Repair

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Car climate control module repair is our second most popular service next to speedometer repair. There are various climate control module problems that you might encounter with your HVAC unit, heater control, or climate unit. Fading or broken buttons is a very common issue because you are constantly adjusting temperature or fan direction. With our climate control module repair, we are able to replace buttons in many cases with good used buttons. Your screen might be dark at night or no longer visible during the day time due to LCD or TFT failure. Another common issue requiring AC control switch repair is that the bulbs or LEDs that have failed and no longer allow you to see anything that you need to press. Total climate control failure is another major problem that we see. Sometimes total failure can be replaced, but usually the best option and most cost-effective is to purchase a refurbished HVAC control module replacement unit from us. This saves you the hassle of having to remove your center console or climate AC module control and shipping it to us.

While stock or original car climate control module repairs are typically the normal requests we also have the ability to change or upgrade the original bulb lighting to different colors of LED. If you are looking for new colors in your HVAC unit then we can perform this custom work for you. Contact us today about repairing your car’s AC control panel.

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