Instrument Cluster Repair

Instrument cluster repair is a large portion of our business. Every day customers ask us to repair new items. Repairing your speedometer is usually more cost effective than purchasing a brand new speedometer or a used cluster with the same problems that you already have. You also need to deal with an odometer that is going to be different. We offer gauge cluster repair services for nearly every make and model and are constantly adding new repairs and services to our portfolio on a weekly basis.

A unique problem in the instrument and gauge cluster repair process, is that every single make, model, and year can have variations and differences in problems. We ensure that our technicians are trained on a daily basis in order for them to provide the most accurate instrument cluster repairs possible.

When it comes to automotive instrument cluster repair there is no school or training program available. All of the manufacturer information is proprietary and schematics or diagrams are not available. Everything we do is reverse-engineered in order to find a solution. We also update our dash cluster repairs on a regular basis so the same product repaired three years ago may have new parts or processes used today.

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