Odometer Correction

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We offer digital odometer correction services for many vehicles on the market. We own specialized equipment that was designed solely for decoding speedometer data. The number one reason this is done is when a new or used instrument cluster is purchased and installed into a vehicle. If you purchase a new cluster the mileage will be zero.

The dealership does not offer an odometer correction service and relies on companies such as us to provide it for them. Other dealerships will simply install a door jamb sticker stating the mileage is not correct and send you on your way with a instrument cluster with 0 miles on the odometer.

If you purchase a used cluster you are also inheriting whatever mileage is on that cluster. In either case we can fix this for you so the mileage will match your vehicle chassis.

We offer some correction for mechanical odometers that physically spin. These are more time consuming so please ask first and we will let you know if we can correct or repair your mechanical odometer.

Be aware that typically mileage will be within +/- 100 miles of requested. This is due to hexidecimal, memory, and mathematical limitations on how manufactures code the mileage into the chip.  Exact mileages typically will not happen.


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