Stepper Motors

Explore our wide variety of high-quality instrument cluster stepper motors for sale for use in your car, truck, tractor, or motorcycle.

The Switec Juken X27 line is a popular part number for many manufacturers across the globe.

Between the long list of both used & new instrument cluster stepper motors we offer, we provide cost-effective solutions for a large number of gauge related issues and DIY stepper motor repair. But in case you still aren’t seeing the motor you need, contact us and we will be more than happy to find you the right gauge cluster stepper motor replacement.

Some instrument cluster stepper motors are “non-removable” which means they are designed not to be replaced. These are very tricky and sometimes involve interesting procedures in order to reclaim them for use again. We carry many of these motors so you don’t have to purchase an entire instrument panel.

Customers send us requests every week for new gauge cluster stepper motors. We do the research, purchase them, and are able to provide them for you. We offer worldwide shipping on components and stepper motors for sale, so your solution is only a click away.

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