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Shop now for high-quality LEDs. Our LED lights can be used throughout your speedometer, climate control, and other interior or exterior auto electronics. LED’s are commonly installed in footwell areas, dome lights, trunk lights, license plate lights, hatch lights, and more. If there is a specific LED you are looking for, but we do not have listed – shoot us a message so we can help!

LED’s are advantageous over light bulbs because they typically last longer, have a brighter output, put out almost no heat, and are available in a variety of colors. Many new vehicles are already equipped with LEDs, however LEDs do fail and we can repair original equipment with failed LED lighting. Some examples of this are switches, center console buttons, climate controls, speedometers, dome lights, and more.

Our newest LED’s are the 5mm and 3mm cube LED’s with built in resistors. These can be used for many GM gauge clusters, climate controls, and other special projects.

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