Tanin Electronix Cree Canbus LED 15W T10


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T10 5-LED CANBUS CREE 15W wedge. Perfect for interior and exterior lighting. Our T-10 LED wedge bulb is approximately 600 lumen. It’s much brighter compared to an incandescent bulb at 25 lumen and our our other T10 wedge LEDs at around 50-60 lumen.


OEM incandescent bulb: 25 lumens

T10 5050 LED: 50-60 lumens

CREE 15W T10: 600 lumens

Warm white 3500K is a soft, yellow light similar to a home light bulb. Pure white 6000K is true, bright white light with no yellow or blue hue. Cool white 8000k is white with a blue tint. Sold as QTY ONE (1)

CANBUS compliant. Works with car computer systems that may detect a faulty LED or display a light out warning message.


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Replacement for the following bulb part numbers:

908, 904NA, 906, 906NA, 912, 916, 916NA, 917, 920, 921, 922, 158, 160, 161, 161B, 168, 168A, 168NA, 175, 192, 193, 194, 194B, 194G, 194NA, 194R, 2821, 2825, 2827, 2886X, 3652, 558, 579, 658, W5WB

Fits great in 2007+ Lexus LS460 front dome light!


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