Trust Tanin Auto Electronix to bring your automotive electronics back to life.
Your premier source for speedometers, odometer correction, climate control units and DIY components

Our Brand: Tanin Electronix

Tanin Electronix has been developing and manufacturing our own LCD displays, needles, gauge overlays, and automotive light bulbs and LEDs since 2011. Our uniquely branded auto electrical parts and components come with a lifetime warranty and are unavailable anywhere else in the world. We even carefully seal precision electronics such as LCD screens and circuit boards in anti-static bags.

We conceptualize our branded items and have excellent partnerships with overseas manufacturers to keep the costs low to the consumer. Our items are rigorously tested and are only manufactured if they meet our strict specifications and quality control. Our parts should meet or exceed OEM quality, fit, function, longevity, and appearance.

We offer top-tier customer service as we are the experts in the auto industry with the highest level of knowledge. Other internet sellers compromise quality for cost, but Tanin Electronix is proud to offer high-quality service and the best products available.

Our Focus: Speedometers, Gauge Clusters, Climate Control, Navigation

We source rare, hard to find, and critical parts that you need. Our primary focus and core business is speedometers and gauge clusters. We provide complete replacement units and all of the components found inside. Our climate control inventory covers all of the major automakers. We focus on the most troublesome part numbers and year ranges. We stock the most popular navigation LCD and TFT screens, touch screen digitizer panels to restore the touch function to your navigation unit, and also sell complete navigation units.

Innovative Solutions to OEM problems

Tanin Auto Electronix provides odometer correction services to dealerships nationwide. We have advanced hardware and software to program and code even the newest speedometers on the market. We restore, repair, and refurbish almost all OEM speedometers which are often quickly discontinued from the dealer.

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