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Our general diagnosis listing is for an issue not otherwise described on our website. The price for auto electrical diagnostics covers the expenses of receiving your cluster, creating a ticket and dialogue with you, having the techs test, disassemble, and develop an analysis of what is or isn’t wrong with your cluster, and the best course of action to resolve the problem.

This is a good starting point and, “catch all” for issues that are unknown or otherwise undocumented. This also is how we develop new repairs and products. When we test and repair things we’ve never had before we can come up with effective and reasonably priced solutions that did not exist prior.

We also like starting with this price for many Lexus LS instrument clusters. These clusters have a large amount of varying and different problems. Not all clusters are alike so we don’t want to provide one price for all customers. If we did this we would be overcharging some customers and undercharging others. The other important thing to remember is that not all customers can tell us every issue prior to us actually inspecting an item. Many times there are hidden issues or problems only found after our technicians disassemble a part.

What do you need diagnosed or determined?

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