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Tanin Electronix provides gauge cluster LED light upgrades and color changes like the speedometer and climate control lights.

Changing to LED’s on an older unit upgrades the look to a more modern feel. Sometimes this is as simple as swapping out bulbs for LED’s, but most of the time it is engineering a totally new solution, removing all of the light bulbs, and custom installing LED’s into a very space limited area.

Many new speedometers, climate control units, buttons, knobs, switches, radios are coming from the factory with LED’s. This is a great trend from the big car manufacturers, but LED’s still do fail over time. The heat produced by the LED, circuit board, or tight space they are installed into starts to alter the color of the LED, make it more dim, and eventually fail completely.

We can restore these components back to like-new condition by opening everything up, removing the bad LED instrument panel lights and installing new parts. This will save you an incredible amount of money versus buying a new center console or radio from the dealer. If all of the other features are working and only the gauge cluster led lights are failing it makes sense to repair them.

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