Warranty Information

The majority of our parts and services are backed with a warranty, which you can find specific details for on each single product page. If the item does not come with a warranty, the product page will specifically say so.

All warranty claims must be brought to management’s attention and authorized before items are sent back. All warranty claims must provide proof of purchase from Tanin Auto Electronix. Warranties are not transferable from one person to another. The buyer is responsible for shipping the item back to Tanin Auto Electronix. Once we receive your item, it will be thoroughly inspected for defects. If the issue is covered under warranty, we will repair the item or issue a replacement and we will pay to ship it back to the buyer. If we find that the issue is not covered under warranty, we will contact the buyer to arrange for return shipping at a nominal fee.

We apply a warranty label to every unit we repair, including replacement units we have refurbished. Removing these labels will void any warranty.

Contact us if you have additional questions or you need to open a warranty claim.

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