Clock & Info Display Repair

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In the age of smartphones and smart watches you may not look at the digital clock or information panel in your vehicle often. Many times the clock or module is used as a relay between several modules as found in the Toyota Matrix. The matrix clock displays the time and also several warning lights related to the airbag and SRS system in the car. Without automotive clock repair, then you could potentially have safety related issues and airbags that won’t deploy. On a Saab, the information panel can prevent the vehicle’s horn from working at all! Many people also like to have every switch, button, light, and module in their car working properly. A clock that does not light up can stick out.

Trust Tanin Auto Electronix to restore your digital auto compass and clock back to like-new condition. We will test and repair all faults related to your car clock and ship it back to you quickly. Brand new clocks often run up to $300 from a dealership. You will save a significant amount of money going with our auto clock repair services.

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