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2007 – 2012 Lexus LS460 Interior Switch Climate Radio Lighting Repair

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Starting around 2004 Lexus, Toyota, Honda, and other manufacturers switched from interior bulb lighting to LED. The idea was that LED lasted longer than simple bulbs that you could twist out and replace.

Unfortunately we are starting to see complex LED failures in many interior switches, knobs, and indicator panels. The solution is fine circuit board work, soldering, desoldering, and replacing many microscopic LED’s.

Aside from our automotive LED replacement repair service, the only solution is to purchase a brand new switch from the dealer. These can run up to $250 or more per switch.

The last photo is from a customers car after lighting repair was complete.

We can repair all of the switch lighting inside Lexus LS460 models from 2007 to 2012. Common part numbers and switches are listed here:

seat heater
control assy integration rear sun shades
air suspension switch
push start switch
radio receiver

Our repair service solves this problem and restores your lighting to a bright white illumination. We can install other colors too! Our repair covers a “cluster” of switches in the same area similar to the picture. The climate control, navigation buttons, and steering wheel buttons are also common areas that tend to fail in Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Each assembly needing repair is a separate charge. Please select the items needing repair for accurate cost. We replace all of the LED’s so the color matches. The replacement LED’s will NOT match the rest of the your components because of several factors.

1) The manufacturer likely had specific, custom shades created for their interior. No aftermarket or replacement lighting will ever match the same tone or shade.

2) After 10+ years the original color has faded




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Center Console Assembly Buttons, Radio Buttons, Navigation Buttons, A/C Control Panel Buttons


This repair service comes with a lifetime warranty.

Please visit our warranty page for more details.

Service Disclaimer

When you send us your used part and explain your issues, we will diagnose your reported issues. We can make additional recommendations to replace common wear items that frequently fail, but we do not/can not test every aspect of your used part. If something else fails that is not related to your original issue or the repairs we performed, we are not responsible and these issues are not covered under your repair’s warranty.

What Happens Next?

Simply print & fill out our repair work order and ship your item to Tanin Auto Electronix!

View our shipping page for more detailed instructions and current turnaround times.


Lexus,LS460 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012


1 review for 2007 – 2012 Lexus LS460 Interior Switch Climate Radio Lighting Repair

  1. Steven (verified owner)

    Radio lights look great after replacement. Appreciate the quicker shipment back to me.

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