Switech steppers

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Switech Juken is the manufacturer of this stepper motor style. Made infamous during the Delphi issue of the early 2000’s, these motors failed on nearly every GM cluster after 2003.  Many variants were made starting with XC5.xxx, X15.xxx, X25.xxx, and X27.xxx being the latest and greatest revision.

These Switech motors were used in GM, Ford, Mercedes, Ducati, BMW, International, John Deere, and various other makes and models.

We regularly install and use X25 and X27 versions and have had no issues going on 10+ years of service.

There is almost no chance of having motors bad out of the box. If you have brand new motors that are bad then the issue is likely installation error. You either damaged the circuit board, broke the motor internally, or improperly soldered the components.

We offer cluster repair services or replacement clusters if you damage the circuit board and cannot replace the motors on your own.

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