Ford Cluster Repair

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We repair Ford clusters back to the 1990’s that came with mechanical odometers.  Over time the plastic gears in these assemblies became brittle and failed.  When this happened the mileage would stop counting.

From 2005-2009 the Ford Mustang used the same Switec Juken stepper motors as GM did at the time which suffered from constant failure. With our Ford cluster repairs, they will be back to like-new condition.

Ford Truck clusters from 2002-2008 suffered from intermittent power issues, total power loss, dim lighting spots, and gauge issues.

Newer Ford clusters from 2008+ have a wide variety of issues, from lighting to total power loss.  Some of these issues can be corrected, but most of the time it’s more cost effective to purchase a replacement cluster from us.

We can program the mileage into many Ford clusters so it will match your vehicle.

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