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2004 – 2005 Ford Explorer Instrument Cluster Repair


This is a REPAIR SERVICE. You will be sending an item to us for repair.

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We repair and rebuild your 2004 or 2005 Ford Explorer instrument cluster.

Common issues this Ford instrument cluster repair service covers:

  • Intermittent or total cluster power loss
  • Loss of dome lights, radio, and power windows
  • Failed backlighting

Often times, the gauge cluster will start working once the truck “warms up”, or later in the day when the weather is warmer. By purchasing our Ford instrument cluster repair service, we replace and rework many electronic components inside the cluster and replace all of the light bulbs in the instrument panel.

Some clusters may require stepper motors to be replaced.  If after diagnosis of your cluster it is determined a stepper motor is needed an additional cost of $19.99 will be charged for each stepper to be replaced.


If you have individual gauges that read incorrectly or don’t move at all, then you must contact us ahead of time. If you fail to tell us about these issues before we receive your gauge cluster, then these issues will not be fixed.

We can replace all of the gauge motors at an additional cost. This typically isn’t included because these motors have a very low failure rate and the issues are unrelated to the more severe and common issues associated with these Ford clusters. Replacing all of the motors would also increase the price of the Ford instrument cluster repair service for everyone.


Immobilizer data is stored in the 2004-2005 Ford Explorer gauge cluster, so the vehicle will not start with the cluster removed. We do offer replacement gauge clusters, but keep in mind the vehicle will not start until you have a local shop or Ford dealer program the immobilizer data into the new cluster once you install it into your vehicle. The only other way to avoid this is to still send us your original instrument cluster so we can then copy your data into the refurbished replacement.





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This repair service comes with a lifetime warranty.

Please visit our warranty page for more details.

Disclaimer: When you send us your used part and explain your issues, we will diagnose your REPORTED issues. We can make additional recommendations to replace common wear items that frequently fail, but we do not/can not test every aspect of your used part. If something else fails (not related to your original issue or the repairs we performed), we are not responsible and these issues are not covered under your repair’s warranty.

What Happens Next?

Simply print & fill out our repair work order and ship your item to Tanin Auto Electronix!

View our shipping page for more detailed instructions and current turnaround times.


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