Porsche Cluster Repair

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The Porsche Cayenne shared the same instrument cluster with the Volkswagen Touareg.  Both clusters came with either a monochrome red and yellow LCD panel that would fail over time, or a color TFT display that also failed and went dark.

As part of our Porsche instrument cluster repair services, we created a Tanin Auto Electronix branded LCD panel that retains the excellent contrast and colors of the original LCD display.

We only repair the color TFT version in house here, we don’t sell any parts for this since the repair is very complex and requires replacing a multitude of parts not just one simple display screen.

We also have new LCD screens available for the Boxter, 911, and Cayman here. We only repair these kinds of Porsche instrument clusters upon special request. The DIY videos provided with the screens should allow you to replace them easily yourself.

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