Volvo Cluster Repair

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The majority of our Volvo cluster repairs are on the S60 and S80 vehicles of the early 2000’s. These gauge clusters suffer from total power loss issues, no illumination, a scrolling clock, and other related problems.

Air Bag warning lights will typically have to be cleared with a specialty code reader once a gauge cluster is rebuilt and reinstalled.

We also repair many Volvo VNL and Semi Truck gauge clusters with gauge movement issues. Volvo decided to use the same faulty Switec Juken motors that GM used in the early 2000’s.   In addition to gauge motor failure, the speaker was another weak point. We stock the speaker here if you want to try and replace it yourself.  This is the same speaker we use on all of our repairs.

The speaker is typically required for strict state or federal inspections so it must be in working order.

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