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The Lexus IS250 and IS350 was released in 2006. Like many other Toyota and Lexus clusters at the time, we started seeing these failures in the early 2010’s.

Needle lighting is the most common problem and affects every model produced. The small LED’s used simply failed over time due to the amount of heat produced or absorbed by the vehicle.

The LED’s used for backlighting did not suffer as much since they were a completely different design than used inside of the needles. This is why even stock gauge clusters will have different shades of white lighting for the needles compared to the backlighting.

The Lexus IS-F released in 2008 and sold through 2014 used blue needles to contrast against the white backlighting.

You can swap parts from all of these clusters, or use the IS-F gauge cluster in your IS250 or IS350 if you can deal with some things not functioning correctly.

In 2009 the IS250 and IS350 cluster design changed when Lexus realized the issues with the earlier clusters. The needles are now illuminated from underneath instead of within the needles. This cut way back on lighting failures.

The IS-F gauge cluster changed in 2011 to a more sporty version with a large tachometer in the center and small speedometer on the side. Some people didn’t like this symmetrical look and preferred swapping in the older 2008-2010 gauge cluster in the car.

The 2011-2014 IS-F gauge cluster is one of the hardest gauge clusters to buy out of any make or manufacturer. Luckily our partnership with our vendors allows us to purchase these clusters brand new and resell them to USA customers who imported a KPH cluster and car from Canada, or those just looking to upgrade the look of their older IS-F gauge cluster.

We can fully customize all backlighting and needle lighting in the IS series. Red, blue, green, orange – you name it.


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