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The Lexus LS400 was released in 1990. Development was done in the 1980’s, spending millions, if not billions on making the most luxurious, quiet, reliable vehicle on the planet.

The 1990-1992 Lexus LS400 gauge cluster was very heavy and also fragile. The needles are actually glass tubes filled with gas. The backlighting uses the same system, high voltage power electrifying gas inside of these tubes, similar to neon lights, for sharp and crisp illumination.

The gauge motors were complex assemblies with coils and fine metal tape, passing the high voltage straight through the motor into the needle.

The gauge cluster design was simplified over the years, but retained the glass tube illumination design through the end in the year 2000.

We started the business based off of the LS400.  We used to only repair these gauge clusters.  We expanded rapidly, but still focus on these repairs and are proud to say that we are the best in the business.  We have customers from all over the world, and that know us for our LS400 rebuilds.

We travel the country purchasing parts for the LS400 cluster repairs, that’s how serious we are about keeping these old Lexus electronics on the road.  Only our best and highest trained technicians are able to work on the LS400 clusters because of their intricacy.

Let us know how we can help repair your LS400 cluster.



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