Tacoma Gauge Clusters

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The Toyota Tacoma alongside the Hilux is one of the most durable pickups on the market. They retain their high resale value and are loved by off-road enthusiasts.

The gauge clusters were a relatively simple design always with 4-gauges, never any more.  Just the basics for the driving experience.

Tacoma clusters did suffer from gauge failures common to the rest of the Toyota line. Starting in 2005 the Tacoma cluster also produced the dreaded P0500 fault.

Tacoma clusters are always in extremely limited supply, but Tanin Auto Electronix has great relationships with all of our vendors and can typically source replacement clusters before anyone else can.

On top of that, we replace all of the gauge motors (on the 2005+) clusters, ensure all of the lighting is working properly, and program your vehicle mileage into the cluster.

2005-2015 has the option of installing different colored LED’s in the cluster in case you don’t like the orange lighting.

2016+ models can all be upgraded to the high line color display screen if your truck didn’t come with it from the factory. You may have to install factory steering wheel buttons to be able to scroll through the cluster information.

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