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2003 – 2004 GMC Yukon Denali Instrument Cluster


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Tanin Auto Electronix will provide you with one refurbished 2003 – 2004 GMC Yukon Denali truck gauge cluster with transmission temperature gauge.

The components used in these 2003+ gauge clusters were subject to a lawsuit involving Delphi and GM. All of the XC5.168 stepper motors failed within years of being in operation. This led to a revised part number of X15.168, then X25.168, and finally X27.168. The original lighting failed as well, and these clusters also suffered from odometer and gear selector screen failure or dimming.

We rebuild the gauge cluster with new Switec Juken stepper motors and light bulbs.  This Chevy/GM gauge cluster also includes Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) programming, odometer mileage correction, and hour-meter programming to match your vehicle.  We also clean and polish the instrument panel cluster lens before shipping it to you for a crystal clear view.

We also stock Tanin Electronix branded aftermarket customized gauge overlays in white, silver, black in various designs. To compliment these overlays we also supply cube style LED lighting to replace the factory bulbs and also different colored gauge pointer needles. If you would rather send in your original gauge cluster for a rebuild and customization we can do that as well.  We can add transmission temperature gauges to clusters not currently equipped with them.

You will receive a Denali part number, gray lens, with transmission temperature gauge: 15182144

These are the add-on options explained:

  1. Needle Type
    Black round bases with white, blue or red needles
    Silver bases with white, blue or red needles
    Black round bases with chrome trim in ice blue, dark blue or red
  2. Overlay Type
    All of our overlays are found here. Describe the overlay wanted either by our SKU number or description





GMC Yukon Denali 2003, 2004


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