How to ship your instrument cluster to Tanin Auto Electronix

When preparing to ship your instrument cluster to Tanin Auto Electronix for our repair service, we have some easy to follow instructions to make sure that the cluster ships to us without damage.

Step 1~ Remove the cluster from your vehicle. This is usually easy to do, but if you need instructions just let us know and we will be glad to help you out and send you some directions or walk you through it.


Step 2~ Using bubble wrap, which is the preferred packaging material, make several wraps around the instrument cluster to make sure it is covered completely.  We use 3/8 bubble size and prefer the larger 1/2″ bubbles for more delicate clusters like Lexus and Infiniti. Please don’t use your old towels or gym clothes to wrap your items in!


Step 3~ Take time to look over the box that you will be sending your cluster in. Previously used boxes are not recommended as they lose their rigidity. We recommend taping the edges to guarantee a good hold during shipment. The major shipping carriers also require this method of “T” box taping.


Step 4~ Check the box and ensure there are at least two inches of space between the item and the inside of the box. This is another carrier requirement in the event of any shipping damage. We see a lot of cracked and broken cluster lenses because there is no buffer space between the cluster and the side of the box.


Step 5~ Once you determine that the box is a good size, use some balled up newspaper or packing peanuts for added cushioning in the bottom of the box and then place the packaged cluster on top of the packing material.  Common box sizes that we use are 17x9x9, 20x10x8, and 18x12x9.  If you are using USPS then 17x9x9 is the largest you can use before it’s bumped up to a higher rate category. 


Step 6~ Cover the instrument cluster with more packing material. As we have shown here, balled up newspaper works great and is lightweight! 
Step 7~ Complete our work order
Step 8 (Optional) – You can use our UPS portal to generate a shipping label at Customer Forms

Your package is now ready to seal up and drop off at a local carrier for shipping to us. Make sure to take out insurance on the cluster as well. If you are using our shipping portal you can select additional inbound insurance to protect your package.  When you purchase our repair service we also have a drop down insurance tab if you would also like additional insurance over the $100 included amount. This insurance is used when we ship your item back to you.

2 thoughts on “How to ship your instrument cluster to Tanin Auto Electronix”

  1. My name is Sandra contreras i sent a speedometer of a 06 honda ridgeline. To fix the miles to 116,321. Let me know how much is going to be via email. You should have it by Thursday morning.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Thank you for your business and for choosing Tanin Auto Electronix for the odometer correction. We will contact you as soon as the item is checking in and a work order is created for the item. Feel free to call us if you have any questions, at 262-456-4147.
      Thanks again!
      Tanin Auto Electronix

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