Toyota Pickup Gauge Clusters

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Prior to the release of the Tacoma in the United States, the Toyota Pickups were called just that “Pickup”.

From 1993-1998 Toyota did release a T-100 model that was built in the Hino plant as sort of a test model prior to the Tundra. The T-100 was a larger frame truck and much wider than the “car” sized Pickup or later Tacoma.

The early Pickup clusters were nearly the same as the 4Runner clusters with the exception of the rear tailgate window icon and a few other things.

These clusters with mechanical odometer numbers are not a problem for us. We can match the mileage to your truck without any issues.

It is common to upgrade 3 or 4-gauge clusters to 6-gauge clusters that add oil pressure and voltage to your display. Contact us and we will get a cluster shipped out to you.

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