LX470 Gauge Clusters

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The Lexus LX470 debuted in 1998 following the less popular 1996-1997 LX450 which was based off of the Toyota Land Cruiser aside from some body panels.

From 1998-2002 a more dated version of the gauge cluster was used with older technology.  There were less issues with these.

In 2003 forward they came out with a much lighter and cheaper version of the gauge cluster. The gauge motors all tend to fail after about 100k miles, depending on your climate.  The more heat and humidity the worse off you are.  You will also notice a yellowing or dimming of the backlighting in the MPH section from 0mph to about 50mph.

With our replacement clusters we fix all of these issues.

We do offer a repair service for these clusters as well where you will save about 35-40% off of the replacement price.


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