Lexus Gauge Needles

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We began work on our Tanin Auto Electronix (TAE) V1 Lexus ES300, SC300, SC400, and GS300 speedometer needles back in 2010.

Back then we manually cut pieces of plexiglass or plastic and meticulously sanded, shaved, and painted them to fit inside the gauge needle housings. Things have come a long way since then and now we have our V4 needle boards which are computer designed, cut, and made to our specifications.

We even added our logo so you will know that it comes with our warranty and support.

All of the LED’s are installed and soldered by hand by our technicians. The end result are bright needles that look like factory.  We can build your needles with different colors as long as you have 1992-1993 SC needle housings.  These are clear and can accept any color.

In 1994 Lexus switched to a red housing so you are stuck with red LEDs.

In 2006, the Lexus IS was introduced and we started seeing needle failures soon afterwards.  The LED’s are integrated on the boards with clear plastic tubes, similar to our V1 needles, to distribute the light to the end of the needle.  Far less LED’s are installed on these, only 4 vs multiple dozen on the early SC, GS, and ES needles.

Less LED’s mean less heat and failure over time. It didn’t seem to work since these still failed in the same manner.  Again, we are able to switch LED colors out from white, to blue, red, and even orange.

Our replacement LED needles have been running strong from over 10 years now.  To keep things simple we offer a core exchange program where you can buy IS250 and IS350 needles already rebuilt. From here you can install them and ship back your original set for a core credit.

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