GMC and Chevy Gauge Needles

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Our GMC and Chevy custom color gauge needle sets complement our custom GMC and Chevy gauge overlays found here.

Many people wanted to change out the factory orange colored needles for something more modern and exciting.  We have a variety of new gauge needles colored in red, blue, and white. The round bases of the needles also have different shapes, sizes, and colors as well.

Newest to the collection are 2007-2013 GM Truck styled needles that fit the 2003-2006 trucks. These needles have chrome ringed bases with bright new colors.

Keep in mind the best way to enjoy these needles is to install white (or blue, or red) LED lighting inside the gauge cluster. We sell the LED’s to do this here, otherwise you can always send your cluster to us for the full workup.

2007-2013 GM gauge clusters already have LED lighting installed inside. The needles are illuminated by red LED’s by default so if you are installing blue needles you will need to change out these LED’s otherwise you will end up with a purple tint.

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