Tanin Electronix 2003 – 2005 GM Hummer H2 Cadillac Escalade Gauge Face Overlay BLACK METRIC KM/H


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This gauge face will work in 2003 – 2005 GM trucks and has the Hummer H2 or Cadillac Escalade style graphics. It can be used to add a transmission temperature gauge to the cluster. We include a block off plate if you don’t have a transmission temperature gauge. The shift indicator is different between 2003-2005 and 2006-2007. This black instrument cluster overlay is also tinted blue so you will need to use white or blue cube LEDs.

If you are planning to install a transmission temperature gauge it’s not always as simple as just installing the gauge motor and a needle. Many times additional software programming is required to enable this gauge. We perform this service for you in conjunction with odometer correction. We also perform VIN programming to make sure that your steering wheel buttons work and other comfort functions related to the interior function as they should.

This is an aftermarket designed overlay, not an original GM gauge cluster overlay. There may be some slight differences in quality, odometer and gear selector tint and overall appearance when comparing side by side to an original.

This black instrument cluster overlay is METRIC so it reads in Celsius, KM/H, and KPA.

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