Needle Sets for 2003 -2006 GM Trucks

Tanin Auto Electronix sells needle sets for 2003-2006 Gm GMC Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe trucks. They can be purchased at this link: Speedometer Gauge Needles 2003-2006 GM and will ship within 24 hours of purchase. They come available in red, white or blue and 7 needles come in a pack.
We also offer a full rebuild of the clusters, replacing gauge motors,all back lighting bulbs and perform needed preventative repairs with an option for LED conversion as shown in the photos here of three clusters with the  LED lighting upgrades. Click here to learn more about our 2003-2006 GM Gauge Cluster Rebuild. We offer a lifetime warranty on the needle motors and a five year warranty on the backlighting.

It is important to note that any color added to the back lighting will make the white needles show as the color chosen so it is possible to customize with other color choices for gauge clusters. Contact us for more information at 262-456-4147.

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