How to remove a 1997-2001 Lexus ES Climate Control

1.  Carefully and without scratching the plastic air vent or dash pad, use a wide flat head screw driver and insert it between the air vent and dash pad located above the radio on the right corner and about an inch in from the right side of the air vent. Release the clip by prying  back. Pull with hands until all four clips are released. There will be two  clips on the top and one on each side. Disconnect the wiring harnesses and set aside.
2. Now, using a small flat head screwdriver, remove the small trim panel located below the temperature control by inserting the tool between the trim panel and the temperature control. Pry first on the right and then on the left to get both sides to release clips. Set this aside.
STEP 3. Next, take a 10mm socket, extension and ratchet to remove the four bolts ( two on top and two on the bottom) of the radio and climate control unit. Be very cautious while sliding the radio and climate control unit out of the dash. Rest it on a soft, scratch free towel while disconnecting the radio and climate control unit.
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