DIY Bulb Kits now available

Tanin Auto Electronix now sells Bulb Kits!

When purchasing the kit, keep in mind that you will be using your original bulb caps. We have replacement caps but they are a deeper blue than OEM and will not match if you don’t replace them all. Basic Instructions are included with the bulb kit purchase.

This is a DIY Bulb Kit for a Silverado-Sierra -Tahoe -Yukon Climate Control.

1999 -2000- 2001 -2002



Here is a DIY Bulb kit for an Automatic Climate Control on Silverado -Sierra -Tahoe.

2003-2004 -2005 -2006


This is a DIY Bulb Kit for a Manual Slider Climate Control for Silverado -Sierra -Tahoe.

2003 -2004-2005-2006


The Bulb kit is available here :

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