Cleaning an Instrument Cluster

We get asked often about how to go about properly cleaning an instrument cluster so we wanted to make a blog post to show our favorite products and help customers protect their investments and keep their cars looking great!
First of all, and most importantly:
Ammonia will etch plastic, so never use Windex on an instrument cluster!
Use Goo gone for tape and yuck that is stuck to the lens, and then use Glass Plus-* NO WINDEX- NO AMMONIA EVER!!! Ammonia will etch plastic.
Finish the cleaning with Plastx which is a polish that we use with a microfiber cloth to give the cluster a good buffing and make it really shine!
Image (2).jpg
Tanin Auto Electronix has a Gauge Cluster, Speedometer Diagnosis Repair Service available which helps diagnose issues on the cluster and make recommendations for repairs. This is for any make and model.
If your cluster cannot be repaired, we can help locate a replacement cluster and program the correct mileage into it for you!

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