2008 – 2015 Ford Truck Instrument Cluster REPLACEMENT INQUIRY

Do you have a Ford Truck with an instrument cluster that is not working correctly?

If so you have come to the right place! Ford has over 100 different part numbers for F-Series instrument clusters and we ensure you are getting the correct cluster for your vehicle the first time.

This page is to request a quote for a replacement instrument cluster for your 2009 – 2015 Ford F150, 2008 – 2015 F250, F350, F550 & F650. Common issues are failed backlighting, gauges that do not move correctly, or a cluster that loses power or shuts off intermittently. The screen may go blank and gauges stop working, but the backlighting may still remain lit.

For more details on the pricing for your specific vehicle, please fill out the inquiry form on the right and a customer service agent will be in contact with you.

front view of a 2008-2015 Ford Truck Instrument Cluster


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