1992 – 1996 Lexus SC300, SC400, GS300 and Toyota ECU Repair INQUIRY

First read our article, The TRUTH about Lexus and Toyota ECU Repairs and Rebuilds. This will give you some insight into the inquiry and repair process.

Do you have a 1992-1996 Lexus SC300, SC400, 92-96 ES300/Camry, or GS300 (89661-30691) Engine Control Unit (ECU) that is in need of repair? This inquiry is to receive an accurate quote to repair or replacement of your ECU based on issues you are having.

Many of the Toyota and Lexus electronics from the 1990’s used capacitors that failed and leaked over time. This leaking was acidic and ate through the circuit board and other components creating a significant amount of damage and problems. This is coupled with the fact that ECU’s are mounted vertically or on an angle allowing this acid to leak using gravity to damage more surface area.

Typically 1997-2000 SC300 and SC400 ECU’s did not have problems as they switched to an updated capacitor and new design.

We also repair Toyota T100 ECU’s, RAV4, Lexus LS400, and other ECU’s by request.

This inquiry is needed because sometimes ECU’s have too much damage to make the repair worth while. The amount of labor and repairing would simply exceed just purchasing a fully refurbished ECU from us.

Some examples of too much damage or repairs that exceed the repair service are: A/C not functioning, rare cases of the vehicle/fuel pump working fine and then shutting off after several hours, check engine light on at all times, check engine light slowly fades in and out, check engine light never comes on.

For more details on the pricing related to specific problems, please fill out the inquiry form on the right and a customer service agent will be in contact with you. This page replaces our old SKU RPR-ECU-LEXSC-92-96


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