What NOT to do! Tips for Customers from TAE

This is our latest blog post, geared towards helping customers  who are sending in items for repair. We asked Jordan, a long time Tanin Auto Electronix employee who handles our logistics and purchasing, for some tips that he has for customers.

What NOT to do

  • Don’t package your instrument cluster in a shoe box. That is not going to protect it during shipping and will certainly lead to damage whilst traveling to TAE from wherever it is coming from. Use a box with minimum 2″ of space around the item that can be filled with bubble wrap, or newspaper and packing peanuts.


Note: too small box. overhanging cluster. BAD.


  • Don’t forget to include your information with the item. We have a shelf at the office of miscellaneous items that have come in with no information and no return address. We are left to wait on the customers calling in to inquire on them and that only delays their repairs.
  • Don’t just send in items to us without first checking to see if it is something that we can repair. Sometimes, there are specific models that cannot be repaired. Save yourself the time and frustration. Contact us at 262-456-4147 before shipping something in, to make sure that we can actually repair it.

These are a few of our tips from Jordan at Tanin Auto Electronix for customers looking for helpful tips on what not to do. We hope it helps save some headaches when packaging up items to ship to us!

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