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What are Core Charges & Core Refunds?

When purchasing a replacement unit from Tanin Auto Electronix, you are buying used parts that have been refurbished and tested. Most times this means that used part came from one of our distributors. But sometimes this means another customer bought a replacement part the same as you and sent their original part back to us for a core refund.

Core Charges

To understand what a core refund is, you must first understand core charges. Many companies will require a core charge deposit when selling remanufactured automotive parts. This means that when purchasing a part, you are required to pay an additional amount. When you receive your replacement part, you will return your original part back to the seller and they will essentially refund you the core charge deposit.

Core Refunds

At Tanin Auto Electronix, we do not include any core charges in our prices. Instead, we give customers the option of sending their original parts in for a core refund, but there is no penalty if they choose to keep them.

If you do choose to send your original part to us, then our technicians will test and evaluate the part’s worth to us, and we will send you a check for this amount. As long as your part is in good condition cosmetically and can still be repaired, then we can buy the part from you.

Do I Need To Purchase A Part From You to Be Eligible?

Our core buyback program doesn’t require you to purchase parts from us! We understand the difficulties of finding the part that matches your vehicle. It can hard to match part numbers and know that you are receiving the right part, but many companies out there will also not accept returns on electrical parts.

Often times, we have customers that tried to purchase instrument clusters elsewhere and end up two, even three, extra parts that were not right for their vehicle and non-returnable. With our core buyback program, we are happy to take them!

How Do I Send You A Core Item?

Simply print & fill out our core refund form and send this in with your core item.

Please note that we do not accept all items! Many of our replacement parts listed on our website state if we offer a core refund and the dollar amount you may receive up-to, but if you don’t see this information on the listing, then be sure to call us and make sure we accept your item before sending it in.

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