replacement instrument cluster for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma

What Customers Have To Say About Our Toyota Tacoma Replacement Speedometers

One of the specialty services offered at Tanin Auto Electronix is providing refurbished instrument clusters to our customers. Often times, we see people struggling to fix their speedometer issues because they are told by dealerships that the only solution is purchasing an expensive replacement. But in most cases, this is not true! At Tanin Auto Electronix, we help customers by locating a used replacement cluster specific to their vehicle, refurbishing and testing it, and even programming the mileage to match their vehicle.

One of our most recent reviews comes from Noe, who also works in auto repair. Noe’s customer had a 2005 Toyota Tacoma experiencing speedometer and gauge cluster issues, and it was decided that the original gauge cluster was beyond repair. Because Noe preferred the least amount of downtime for his customer’s vehicle, he purchased a replacement Tacoma gauge cluster from us. We’re happy to supply both end customers and businesses alike, so we hope we are able to assist Noe with any of his automotive electronic needs in the future!

Positive review on a 2005 Toyota Tacoma Refurbished Instrument Cluster

It was refreshing and amazing to me to have an actual conversation with a company to resolve my issue.

Another recent review comes from one of our amazing DIY customers. Jeff came across a unique problem while restoring his 2001 Toyota Tacoma instrument cluster. He lost the tachometer and speedometer needle pegs and soon found out these small parts were not easy to find for sale individually.

The folks I dealt with went well out of their way to help me, and the elusive parts (for which I would gladly have paid twice what they charged) arrived two days later.

Fortunately, he found the 2001 Toyota Tacoma gauge clusters on our website and contacted us to see if we could help him. We made sure the pegs he needed were available, and we got them shipped out ASAP. Although the parts he needed were small, they played a big part in his restoration, and we’re glad he was able to find us to get what he needed!

Positive review from DIY customer we provided with small parts for his 2001 Toyota Tacoma Speedometer restoration

Whether you are buying a refurbished instrument cluster or looking for those “impossible to find” DIY parts, Tanin Auto Electronix has got you covered with an affordable solution and outstanding customer service.

Contact us today to see how we can help!

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  1. I appreciate the quality of the instrument cluster you prepared for my 2010 Tacoma. The lens is scratch free. You changed the illumination from the stock orange to cool white. It looks great and is easy to read. Thank you.

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