The History of the Building- Part 8

In our ongoing blog series of the history of our building, we keep coming across spectacular photos of the vehicles that truly made that era cool and the people who drove those Volkswagens even cooler.
This blue camper van was from a man who was traveling the world and documenting it on his vehicle. He made a pit stop at Hendricks when he passed through.
We would love to find out about his travels and the places he had seen while in his VW bus, but since we don’t know who he was, we will settle for imagining he lived a life of amazing adventure just like the original owner of Hendricks, Gerald Hendricks had.
Moral of the story kids: Follow your dreams. Chase the open road. Just swing by TAE for any auto electronic repairs along the way!
The VW truck is not one you see often, so this one really got us excited to check out and convert to digital for our blog readers. They sure don’t make delivery trucks this stylish anymore!

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