The history of our Building

We have been doing research on the building that we have moved in to recently and as it turns out, it was originally built to be a Volkswagen dealership in the early 1960’s. We found these interesting vintage advertisements courtesy of so we had to share!
The origins of the building date back to a fellow we wish that we had the opportunity to have met before he passed away in 2009.
Gerald Hendricks started the first Volkswagen dealership in Racine, WI called Hendricks Motors. We will be telling his story more in depth as we develop slides from the original foundation being poured and the walls coming up. As we interview his son, Mark who has generously volunteered his time to help us research and publish information on this interesting piece of history, you will get to see the transformation from a plot of land to the landmark that it became.
Stay tuned as we will be continuing this ongoing blog series on the history of the building, the car dealership and the amazing man who started it all. He was a true entrepreneur who never seemed to sit still. He kept moving forward, always learning new things and challenging himself and those around him. He loved cars, boats, planes and most likely anything that could go fast and had style.

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