Fitbit Charge 2 Battery


Tanin Auto Electronix started repairing and replacing batteries in the Fitbit Charge and Charge HR back in 2015. Typically the lifespan in your Fitbit device begins to lose longevity after 6 to 12 months of use. Today, the Fitbit Charge 5 is the newest watch with a color touch screen. The battery types change and improve over the years and many times each newer device has a different sized battery that outputs a different amount of power.

Our 60mA (milliamp) and 80mA batteries are still popular even today. The original Charge and Charge HR uses the 80mA battery while the Charge 2 uses the smaller 60mA battery. The other models of Fitbit trackers include: Ace, Inspire, and the Luxe. It is possible that many of these devices share the same battery as the original Charge, Charge HR, and Charge 2. These devices are all considered Trackers so they are smaller than the smartwatch category.

Fitbit changed to a waterproof designed with the Charge 3 and Charge 4, as well as the Charge 5 so battery replacement is not advisable. These are typically factory sealed and difficult to open, replace the battery and seal again.

Tanin Auto Electronix appreciates all of the customers of our batteries the past seven years and will continue to provide our 60mA and 80mA batteries in the future as long as they are in demand.

If you are using our batteries in a different application please let us know so we can feature them on the website and ensure other customers can find it!

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