TAE Sponsored “Deth Rocket”

If you’re a part of the automotive community, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of taking a small idea and turning it into something extreme. Two years ago, Connor got the crazy idea to cut up his Lexus IS350 and here are the results; a 2,200 pound supercharged exo-skeleton making 550 horsepower. 

Having the “race bug” passed down to him from his dad (who decided to sell his “Black Deth” Corvette Z06 after seeing what Connor put together), no stretch of imagination went ignored as it took just over two months to take the car apart in a way that many of us haven’t seen before. 

While there were many customization struggles to overcome, Connor was still running into the common dim/flickering lights on his Lexus gauge cluster and that’s where Tanin Auto Electronix stepped in! We had the opportunity to be a small part of this project by building Connor a gauge cluster with custom lighting to continue his orange theme in his named “Deth Rocket”. Check out this beautiful example of taking a power-to-weight ratio to the next level!

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