Speedometer Needle Calibration Shipping Problems

Tanin Auto Electronix demonstrates in this video how potential needle calibration issues could arise with a cluster if any shipping problems occur. We have also included an overview of our repair service as well.

We use the utmost care in our packaging and carrier choices, however things can happen once boxes are in a truck being transported.
This is why it is so important to take out insurance before shipping clusters to us for repairs. Packages are shipped back to customers insured as well, to cover any incidents that could potentially occur. We also emphasize using proper packaging to help protect clusters during shipment as well.

Tanin Auto Electronix specializes in auto electronic repairs on instrument clusters and climate control units, as well as providing customers with DIY parts and installing upgraded LED lighting for instrument panels and climate control/radio units. Contact us for more information at 262-456-4147 or contact@taninauto.com

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