Random Car Theories with the Tanin Crew

We are starting up a new blog series here that is dedicated to the random car theories and speculations, as well as possible conspiracy theories related to the car industry that our Tanin Auto Electronix crew here likes to debate about outside of working hours.
(Ok, we actually have these conversations in a regular day here. Don’t tell the boss)
Today’s post is explaining why Melissa, Operations Manager, refuses to ever enter and accept a ride in a self-driving car. Ever.
It is too easy for the decepticons to take over if you are not in control of your car“, she responded quite seriously when Jen from Marketing asked her how she felt about the future of self driving cars  during the casual chat.
But Melissa, as far as I can tell, transformers don’t actually exist,” Jen noted.
It’s a load of crap. I have seen them! (on tv) So if they didn’t exist, why did I see them?” Melissa rebutted.
If they can make a movie and make the special effects for it, why couldn’t they also actually be created in real life?” Customer Service Rep Maria chimed in.
They’re EVIL!!!” Josh the Tech exclaimed.
I categorically reject the idea of a Decepticon takeover,” Nick, newest member of TAE and outspoken activist for the Denial of Decepticon Awareness.
Get back to work,” the boss yelled over to the crew.
We want to hear from you! What is your opinion on self-driving cars? Will you trust them? Could they potentially turn on us? Do Transformers actually exist?

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