Lexus and Toyota ECU Repair by Tanin Auto Electronix

First read our article, The TRUTH about Lexus and Toyota ECU Repairs and Rebuilds. This will give you some insight into the inquiry and repair process.

Vehicle Engine Control Unit or ECU Repair is a very technical and detailed process. The ECU essentially controls the engine, transmission, and connects the bridge between the driver, vehicle, and those systems.

ECU damage is caused by components that literally leak acid and damage everything on the circuit board. This is especially common with Toyota and Lexus ECUs from the 1990s. We specialize in repairing and rebuilding the 1992-1996 Lexus SC300, SC400, and GS300 ECUs. What sets us apart is that we actually have test vehicles parked outside. We plug your ECU into our cars, find out exactly what is wrong and what is not functioning correctly and proceed with the repair.

Once our repairs are complete we plug your ECU back into our vehicle to ensure the repairs were successful and that our car is running correctly. This process leaves no doubt that the ECU is fully repaired and eliminates back and forth shipping and the blame game on who is wrong.

Due to this strict process we do not claim we can repair every ECU out there or try and take on every problem imaginable. We focus on very specific ECU’s and vehicles in order to remain experts on those ECU’s.

With that said, we do perform repairs on a few other models including: Toyota T100 1993-1998, Lexus LS400, and Toyota RAV4. Typically these ECU’s do NOT have the leaking capacitor issues that cause a ton of damage that varies from ECU to ECU.

We are open to hearing about any ECU problems you are having. We like to add to our repair and replacement list and educate our techs on new ECU repair procedures.

Check out our 1992 – 1996 Lexus SC300, SC400, GS300 and Toyota ECU Repair INQUIRY. This will allow you to tell us a little more details about your specific ECU and problems and will in turn help you decide if repairing or replacing your ECU is the best option. Older ECU’s are getting increasingly difficult to find and rebuild so don’t delay in your repair or replacement.

Tanin Auto Electronix Lexus SC test vehicles

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  1. I have a 1994 sc400, which I believe needs a ecU repair. what is the estimated cost, and what is the process to engage your service

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