2022 Kia Telluride Cluster

Late Model Kia and Hyundai Odometer Correction

As vehicle technology advances so does the complication of programming gauge clusters and speedometers.

We are reaching out to all Kia and Hyundai dealerships across the country. Many Kia and Hyundai gauge clusters are failing in a short amount of time, or even being recalled with very little mileage on them. Typically your vendor will ship you a brand new cluster with 0 miles on the odometer. Your service department has no way of matching these brand new clusters to the customer vehicle. We just had a local dealership express concern that their 2022 Kia Telluride cluster needed to be swapped out and could not find anyone to correct the mileage.

This is a problem and most people don’t want a sticker in the door jamb stating that there is a mileage discrepancy.

The hardware and software to program mileage into these brand new Kia and Hyundai gauge clusters just hit the market and we have the full capability of programming the correct mileage into them. Visit our Speedometer Digital Odometer Mileage Correction and get it shipped to us. We offer fast turnaround and love setting up wholesale accounts for ongoing business.

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