How To Remove The 1994 Chevy Caprice Instrument Cluster

1- Always disconnect the battery ground cable.
2- Remove the lower steering column trim panel attaching screws, and then pull downward to remove.
3- Through the glove compartment, unsnap the righthand molding.
4- Loosen steering column support bracket to instrument panel carrier attaching bolts. DO NOT REMOVE BOLTS.
5- Gently lower steering column assembly. Use extreme care when lowering steering to prevent damage to column assembly.
6- Remove lefthand trim plate to instrument panel carrier assembly six attaching screws, then unsnap lefthand trim assembly.
7- Remove instrument cluster attaching screws.
8- Pull cluster rearward, then disconnect shift indicator cable.
9- Pull instrument cluster from panel carrier. Fig. 15, then remove.
10- Reverse procedure to install.

Once the instrument cluster is removed, package it according to the Tanin Auto Electronix website guidelines, using proper packaging material and allowing at least two inches of space between the item and the side of the box. Don’t forget to insure the package as well.
When sending in for our 1994 1995 1996 Chevy Caprice Odometer Speedometer Display Cluster Repair, make sure to also download the work order to send in for the repair service.
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