close up of a 2002-2009 Lexus SC430 Climate

How to Fix The Dead Pixels on your Lexus SC430 Climate Control

Over the last few years, people have been asking us if we were able to repair the climate control for their 2002-2009 Lexus SC430. We’ve heard from numerous people how frustrating it’s been when their LCD screen starts missing segments, and the only solution they could find was to purchase a pricey climate control from a dealership. Not only is this an expensive fix, but it also means that they would be getting a climate control built with the same faulty parts.

Our mission at Tanin Auto Electronix has always been to avoid just this – costly parts from the dealership that will eventually result in the SAME problems as the original part. Lucky for our Lexus enthusiasts, we also specialize in manufacturing parts and components that are not made anywhere else around the world. So after a few months of hard work, we were able to build a pre-order list and get the manufacturing process started.

front view of a 2002-2009 Lexus SC430 Climate LCD Screen

Now within the past month, we have started selling these LCD screens for DIY repairs, and we even provide a video to help customers out with the install.

For those of you looking for someone else to repair your SC430 climate control, we also offer a climate control repair service. All you need to do is ship your climate control to us, and our skilled technicians will take care of restoring your climate control. Our repair service will also restore the lighting in your climate control, and while it’s here, you will even have the option to change some of the colors.

red screen and white button lighting on a 2002-2009 Lexus SC430 Climate
2002-2009 Lexus SC430 Climate Control with Red Screen and White LED Buttons

And our services don’t stop with climate controls! With these Lexus SC430 vehicles, it’s very common to see the lighting issues in both the climate control and instrument cluster. If your climate control is experiencing lighting issues, it’s very likely that the speedometer in your Lexus SC430 is showing similar issues with fading or dim light output. Tanin Auto Electronix also offers replacement gauge clusters and repair services to restore your instrument cluster to bright white lighting.

still have questions?

Contact Tanin Auto Electronix today so we can help you find the best option in restoring your Lexus SC430!

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