Honda Odyssey Instrument Cluster Replacements

Tanin Auto Electronix performs repair services for instrument clusters but we also offer replacement speedometers as well.
We sell replacement gauge clusters like the 2007 Honda Odyssey instrument cluster that is shown here:

For the 2007 Honda Odyssey, we perform an odometer correction, getting the mileage within 100 miles of the vehicle’s original mileage.
This replacement instrument cluster comes with a 90 day warranty.  Give us a call with questions on ordering a replacement cluster or if you have a cluster that you want to send to us for odometer correction!
Tanin Auto Electronix specializes in auto electronic repairs on instrument clusters and climate control units, as well as providing customers with DIY parts and installing upgraded LED lighting for instrument panels and climate control/radio units. Contact us for more information at 262-456-4147 or

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