Customer Reviews- A Lexus ECU Repair testimonial for Tanin Auto Electronix

Tanin Auto Electronix helped Craig with his Lexus SC300 ECU repairs. He is a very active member of the ClubLexus Forums and has posted a lot of very helpful information in his forum posts for others trying to determine the malfunctions of their cars.
Check out this link for more in depth info from him on ECU issues:   where he discusses at length about his car.  The thread is a very good example of what we tell our customers about a repaired ECU not necessarily correcting *all* issues which could be due to other faulty components.
Thanks Craig, for allowing us to share this with our other customers!
Hello Jen, Melissa and Jason,
Just to let you know that I received the SC300 manual ECU on Friday. Last night I was able to install it. I was not expecting to notice a difference but I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Overall the car does seem to be running better. It is almost a night and day difference in engine response at lower and higher RPM. The car is probably running cleaner too if it’s this much of a difference.
And a major number of tuneup components were replaced over the last four months preceding this: new fuel injectors, numerous sensors, the entire EGR emission system was cleaned and components replaced, throttle position sensor replaced, new spark plugs, new spark wires, new cap & rotor, new fuel filter, etc. etc.
And of course, no CEL light 🙂
I think this may suggest that sometimes Toyota/Lexus remaining stock of old “Reman” replacement engine computers may not have been gone over and repaired to the same standards you all at Tanin do for your customers. This one you fixed for me is definitely in better shape.
I am so happy to have a repaired ECU, finally! Thank you Jason, Jen and Melissa for making this happen for me!! Cliche and silly as it may sound, last night it felt like I was driving a new car 🙂
Thank you so much, all!!
Click here for the Tanin Auto Electronix : 1992-1995 SC400 Lexus SC400 ECU ECM Rebuild Diagnostic Repair Service 
Contact us at 262-456-4147 for any other ECU repairs. Currently we are only repairing 1992-1995 SC400 ECU’s. Any other ECU’s need prior authorization to send in for repair. Please message us first.

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