Customer Photos Of The Tanin Auto Electronix Designed Honda Goldwing GL1500 LCD Screen Installation

Tanin Auto Electronix is now selling a Brand New TAE designed 1988 – 2000 Honda Goldwing GL1500 Gauge Cluster Speedometer LCD Screen and we wanted to share a satisfied customer’s experience with purchasing and installation.

After installation of the brand new LCD screen from Tanin Auto Electronix
Here is what our customer, Kai, had to say about the installation process and his new 1988 – 2000 Honda Goldwing GL1500 Gauge Cluster Speedometer LCD Screen
Hi there!
LCD arrived today, replaced it and everything works great!!!
Few pics, old LCD… parts puzzle and new LCD. We have both ”even / non even” frequencies in use.
I took cabling off, I washed the white cluster base (29 years of dust, model 1988)
So, thank you TAE so much for waking this product alive!!
BR, Kai
Our Honda Goldwing GL1500 LCD Screen replacement comes with a lifetime warranty. Purchase of the bulb kit comes with a one year warranty and is recommended since over time, heat changed the color of the blue caps to brown and lighting failure also occurs.
For those interested in having Tanin Auto Electronix replace the LCD Screen we also offer this repair service:


Tanin Auto Electronix specializes in auto electronic repairs on instrument clusters and climate control units, as well as providing customers with DIY parts and installing upgraded LED lighting for instrument panels and climate control/radio units. Contact us for more information at 262-456-4147 or

7 thoughts on “Customer Photos Of The Tanin Auto Electronix Designed Honda Goldwing GL1500 LCD Screen Installation”

  1. Great product for my 08 Honda Ridgeline odometer LCD screen. Very fast shipping, and a very fair price. Their video even walked me thru the do it yourself procedure. Could not ask for better service or product. Thanks to Jason too. This guy saved me about $850 bucks. After I sent my cluster out to Georgia to a company that failed twice to fix my problem. This company came thru big time. Hope this business goes big and prosperous.
    Steve in NC.

  2. the LCD was well received, thanks.
    After I removed the dashboard (following this instruction, I was able to replace the LCD within a couple of minutes. It was a very easy job, specially with the YouTube instructions you provided.
    The total disassembly and assembly of the dashboard unit took about 2 hours but the result is perfect. I own this GL1500 for 6 years and the LCD display never worked, so now I can finally see the radio, clock etc.
    Thanks again and I will promote your product wherever we can!

    1. Thank you for choosing TAE for your GL1500 LCD screen repair, Erik! We truly appreciate your taking the time to leave us feedback on the product too. Let us know if there is anything else that we can assist with. We also always value customer referrals!

  3. Hi I am from Wales, UK. I saw the u-tube clip about a month ago. This is a new product by Tanin for the market and after exchange of some e mails I decided to purchase. First Class service. I bought the screen and bulbs, they arrived within the time promised. The installation was simplicity itself following the u tube guide. However, nothing to do with the product or Tanin, I could not disconnect the electric connectors at the back of the cluster and actually replaced the lcd screen on the bike by removing the clear screen instrument cover and then the black fascia panel. Easy but I made one mistake. When I came to put the bulbs in I tipped the cluster forward, to replace the bulbs at the back, not realising the small plastic light protector lenses of the oil, reverse, cruise etc on the front were not held in place other than by the black fascia. 6 of the 9 fell off into the engine area and took me ages and a ‘bit’ of a further strip down to get to them. I recovered them all, but a bit of tape across them to start with would have saved me hours!! I was able to check that the screen works before putting it all back together, radio time etc. Overall a long time awaiting for a company to produce such a screen, Well Done Tanin, I have no hesitation in saying to others Buy this but if you follow the same strip down as me, watch out for the light plastic lenses inside the instrument cover! Excellent Company to deal with. Sorry no old photos taken, but believe me the new screen is precisely that – new.

    1. Hi Dennis! Thank you so much for choosing TAE and the replacement LCD screen that we designed and sell for the GL1500. We are so happy that you are satisfied with the screen and we hope that your post can help others in removal issues with the small parts located in the cluster. Great tip with the tape idea to hold it all in place as well!

  4. George Alfred Hallas

    hi good morning this a plug and soldering to be done or wire cutting .im thinking of buying on for my 1500 to do in winter uk

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